Monday, April 7, 2014

Cosmos Rainbows

The latest episode of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, titled "Hiding in the Light," was rainbowriffic!!

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson delved into the history of spectroscopy in a spectacular array of color :) I'm no scientist, but he has an amazing talent for making complex ideas understandable and interesting to the least scientifically-minded individual. It's also fascinating to learn how the science came about and which scientists we have to thank for it. I have a whole new respect for Isaac Newton now, knowing he was a rainbow geek himself ;) This article from LA Times gives a great summary of the episode, and you can watch the entire episode for yourself here on Hulu. Below are some colorful screenshots from "Hiding in the Light." It's amazing how many unveiled secrets of the universe we have the spectrum of colors to thank for :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Maranda's Rainbow Connection

Calling all Rainbow Geeks! I was recently notified of a cause that I believe we can all get behind. There's a very sick little girl named Maranda who LOVES rainbows! When she was asked by Ronald McDonald House in Calgary (during one of her many visits) what her wish would be, she responded "I'd like to travel all over the world, but since that can't happen maybe people could send me rainbows."

She's received over 80,000 rainbows so far and each and every one of them has brought moments of joy to Maranda's world. She's currently in the hospital undergoing further testing and appointments and it would be wonderful to be able to bombard her with another flurry of rainbows. And I know you can't say no to this beautiful rainbow fairy face!

They have a local drug store collecting the rainbows for Maranda. Their address is:

Maranda's Rainbow Connection
c/o Shoppers Drug Mart
2028 Park St
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
S4N 2G6

Please send some rainbows of joy and hope her way :) You can follow Maranda's Rainbow Connection on Facebook here. Big thanks to Brownie Leader, Cathleen, for letting us know about this precious little Rainbow Geek :) Let's do this!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Announcing the PrismaChron - Tell Time with Color!

Anyone can tell time with numbers, but Rainbow Geeks like us can now tell time with COLOR! Introducing Maniacal Labs' latest creation, the PrismaChron:

The three RGB LEDs show hours, minutes and seconds in hues beginning with red, and ending with violet. Unlike the old 1980's ChromaChron watches, whose colors were not in rainbow order and included such atrocities as BROWN (I mean really, do you ever want to say "It's brown o'clock!"?); the PrismaChron uses light and Rainbow-Brite-approved correct rainbow hues to cheerfully help you pass the time.

This product is currently in its fundraising stage, so please help support it so that it can become a reality. For non-electronics-geeks (like me), they'll even assemble it for you! Yay rainbow clocks! :)

Tindie Fundraising Link:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Silversun Rainbow

When a mysterious rainbow appears on a gunite wall behind a liquor store, residents start asking why :)

Click here to find out the answer!

Image via Google Maps :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Toronto's Don Valley Parkway Rainbow Mural - Part 2

In February, I posted about the revitalization of Toronto's Don Valley Parkway Rainbow Mural. At that time, the rainbow had been repainted, but the inside of the tunnel was still covered in graffiti. Last month, a group of artists and volunteers got together and revitalized the ENTIRE tunnel. Mural Routes, who heads up projects like these, is holding an unveiling and celebration event on August 23rd for the tunnel. The original artist who began this work of art over 40 years ago may even be there!

On a recent vacation to Niagra Falls, my husband and I drove up to Toronto so that I could see the tunnel in person. I had no idea that the revitalization had just been completed! It looks FANTASTIC and I was in absolute heaven walking through and around it :) We took a ton of pictures, but this is my favorite, and captures exactly how the rainbow tunnel made me feel:

You can view more of the pictures we took in my Flickr set. I hope that some of you Canadian Rainbow Geeks can make it to the celebration :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Rainbow Chain Headband

This is so adorable! And easy to make :)

Check it, and the tutorial, out here.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Planting Peace

On this historic day, when the American Supreme Court struck down both Prop 8 and DOMA, I felt it was a good time to post about the organization: Planting Peace.

This is a rainbow blog, so first and foremost I must show you their AMAZING rainbow-painted house :)

They are a Non-Profit Organization specializing in de-worming, orphanages, rain forest conservation, tree planting, equality, & peace. Their rainbow-hued Equality House is located in Topeka, KS - directly across the street from the hateful Westboro Baptist Church:

"For too long, the Westboro Baptist Church has been targeting the LGBTQ community with messages of hate and discrimination. Often, protesting American soldiers’ funerals and organizations that support equality. This faction preaches extremism in our communities and directly targets our youth. To combat their messages of hate and to support equality and anti-bullying initiatives in schools and in our community, Planting Peace has established the Equality House in Topeka, KS. 

Located directly across from the Westboro Baptist Church, the House is a symbol of equality, peace, and positive change. The house, which is painted the colors of the Pride flag, will serve as the resource center for all Planting Peace equality and anti-bullying initiatives and will stand as a visual reminder of our commitment, as global citizens, to equality for all."

Recently, a 5 year old erected a lemonade stand in their front yard and raised over $20,000 for charity! They also held a lesbian wedding on their front lawn. They are a positive force for peace and love in their community (and around the world!) and I am very proud of the work they are doing :)

Check them out on Facebook. And Happy Equality Day! :)